Board of Directors:

Bob Bernstein, President

Rafael Labrador, Vice President

Tom Decker, Treasurer

Terri Foster, Secretary

Hania Fuschetto, Assistant Secretary

Matt Pestine

Rob Stepen

Government Liaison:

Terry Grossberg
Park District of Highland Park Commissioner

Staff Liaisons:

Brian Romes
Park District of Highland Park Executive Director

Liz Gogola
Park District of Highland Park Director of Communications & Marketing

Mari-Lynn Peters
Park District of Highland Park Director of Finance

Student Liaison:

Isabella Marrone

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The Parks Foundation is founded on the principle that all community members deserve the opportunity for an enriched, healthy lifestyle. In partnership with the Park District of Highland Park, we provide the resources necessary for every resident to access our world-class Park District and proudly support the open space, parks facilities, and recreational programs that bring our community together.

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