Ask Yourself How Can You Make a Difference

Hundreds of Families in Our Community Cannot Afford Summer Camp, Swim Lessons, and Other Recreational Programs

We need 1,000 people to donate $50.

Together, we can ensure everyone can enjoy all the recreational benefits our community has to offer.

With $50,000, we have the opportunity to help:

  • 500 children learn how to swim
  • 208 children perform and act onstage
  • 166 children express their creativity through art
  • 147 children dance their hearts out
  • 62 children have the summer of their lifetime at camp
  • 23 children hit balls on the Travel Baseball Team

The Parks Foundation programs are designed to provide everyone in our community access to our Park District offerings. We target the needs of our residents and enhancements to our facilities for current and future generations. As you may know, The Parks Foundation raises money for:

  • Scholarships for families in need to participate in Park District programs, including sports leagues, fitness activities and events that promote healthy lifestyles
  • Help with summer camp tuition for those who can’t afford it

Without this kind of support, families in need would not be able to access the high-quality programming we enjoy here in Highland Park and we wouldn’t have the resources to continue to beautify and improve the parks and facilities.