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Dedicated to Enhancing Parks & Providing Access to Healthy Leisure Pursuits

Helping our community connect through recreation.

every resident of our community deserves the opportunity for an enriched, healthy lifestyle.

We raise funds to support and enhance exceptional Park District projects and provide scholarship funding to ensure that all community members are able to participate in Park District programs.

bridge the gap between public resources and the funding needed to maintain and enhance our world-class Park District.

Only about 6% of resident property taxes are paid to the Park District

Property taxes support around 50% of the Park District’s operating costs

More than 1 in 10 Highland Park/Highwood residents earn an income below the basic cost of living in our community

ensure community member access to recreational programs and facilities
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Acres of Land
Parks & Benches
Sports & Nature Facilities

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The opportunity to enjoy a healthy, enriched lifestyle should not be constrained by financial hardship.

Swim. Play. Laugh.

With your support, the possibilities are endless

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