Tribute & Memorial Gifts

Proceeds from your donation go to improving our community parks and facilities.

For questions and to submit forms, please contact Mike Evans at or call 847.579.4085.

Park Tree

Choose from a selection of trees in a selected park. A 2.75” x 5” raised lettering plaque with your personalized message is displayed at the base of your tree. Orders are accepted throughout the year; plantings are dependent upon availability, season and weather.

New Tree: $1,500 (includes warranty for 3 years)

To purchase a tree, complete this form and send it to


Bricks inscribed with your personal message are available at several locations around the Park District. Recognition will be given on a 4” x 8” brick paver. A message is engraved with the wording of your choice (three lines with 13 characters per line). Orders are sent to the fabricator on March 1 and August 1 of each year.

Brick Paver: $200

Park Bench

Park benches are 6-foot-wide with a personalized 2.75” x 5” raised lettering plaque. The exact location will be coordinated at the time of purchase and is subject to approval by Park District staff.

Park Bench: $3,500

To purchase a bench, complete this form and send it to

Park Avenue Breakwater Bench

Your personalized message on one of six benches on the breakwater.

Park Avenue Breakwater Bench: $20,000

To purchase a bench, please contact Liz Gogola at

Park Avenue Breakwater Plaque

Your personalized message included on a 5.5″x8″ plaque on the breakwater parapet wall.

Plaque: $10,000

For questions, contact