Sunset Valley Golf Club Youth Golf Development Center

Strong character, passion for being outdoors, good manners, strategic thinking, friendship are just a few of the valuable benefits golf can provide a person beginning at an early age and throughout life.

On May 24, 2021, the community celebrated the grand opening of the new Youth Golf Development Center Sunset Valley Golf Club thanks to the Parks Foundation fundraising efforts and a generous donation from Amateur Golf Hall of Famer Joel Hirsch, a Highland Park native and longtime tournament player who dreamed of sharing with local youth the opportunity to learn and love the game of golf. The one-of-a-kind Youth Golf Center features practice areas for pitching, chipping, and putting, as well as long-shot hitting bays. It expands opportunities for the club to carry on its tradition as the area’s premiere public course for golfers of all ages and abilities. The Center hosts summer camps, junior lessons, the Highland Park High School boys and girls golf teams, and youth tournaments. When not in use for youth golf instruction, the area serves as a practice facility for all Sunset Valley golfers.

There is no better place for young golfers to learn golf’s social and cultural lessons than to be part of the experience. Young players will have the opportunity to learn and improve their game within the award-winning golf course’s larger environment and among seasoned players.